Essentials to Life

We can only live for a few minutes without air, a few days without
water and a few weeks without food. These are life's essentials -
Air, Water and Nutrition

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Protect your health, filter your water!

  • * It's not a very pleasant thought, but on the average, about 10% of the water we drink has been used before.
  • * Researchers from the U.S. EPA and the National Geological Survey have now found traces of antibiotics, birth control drugs, growth hormones, anti-depressants and even caffeine in many water samples taken across the country.
  • * Over 60,000,000 plastic bottles are produced, transported and disposed of EVERY DAY in the U.S. alone!
  • * There are no government standards that require bottled water to be any better, purer or safer than tap water.
  • * The first ever tap water tests for pesticides found two or more pesticides in the drinking water of 27 of 29 major U.S. cities. Five major U.S. cities had seven or more pesticides in their drinking water. In Fort Wayne, Indiana, nine different pesticides were found in a single glass of tap water!