Essentials to Life

We can only live for a few minutes without air, a few days without
water and a few weeks without food. These are life's essentials -
Air, Water and Nutrition

Air We Breathe

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The air inside the typical home is up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside.
  • Particulates
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Bio-Burden
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Water We Drink

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Protect Your Health, Filter Your Water!
  • 10% of tap water is reused
  • Tap water tests find pesticides
  • 60,000,000 plastic bottles    produced every day
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Nutrients We Absorb

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  • Discover Qi Nopal
  • Supplementing is fundamental
  • Consume More Fiber
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Protect Your Health, Take Your Supplements!

The incidence of cancer and heart disease is especially alarming. Diabetes, digestive disorders, auto-immune diseases and an array of other inflammatory conditions are escalating. The statistics are dismal. However, it all comes down to the two things that promote disease -- Inflammation and Oxidation. Reduce inflammation, reduce oxidation and you reduce the incidence of disease.

Every day it seems there is a new miracle pill, magical potion, or mystical gadget that will allegedly cure all our ailments. These only lead to disappointment and everyone is tired of these "get healed overnight schemes!"

Our philosophy on the other hand is practical, based on sound principles, and grounded in science. We believe it is simple actually - Filter your air and water to reduce the number of toxins going into your body and provide the body with the nutrients, lacking in our diet, which help our body remove toxins and function properly. This will reduce inflammation and oxidation thereby improving health and promoting longevity.

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